July 29, 2020


2 lb Alaska Wild Salmon Fillets (Off skin) Cut into sections @ 2” x 3” no thicker then 3/4” Butterfly if needed. Put in Ref and Keep cold and firm until ready.

1 cup Mayonnaise

1 tbsp Lemon Pepper

2 cup Dried Minced Onion (or 1/4 cup Real Onion Diced)

1 tbsp Garlic and Herb Seasoning (or 1 TBSP Real Minced Garlic and add your own cajun or red pepper if you want a little kick)


Combine above ingredients in bowl and set aside.

If baking preheat oven to 400 degrees / If grilling get grill hot and ready @ 350 degrees

Spread fillets on baking pan or (grilling) Tin Foil Pan. Spread above mixture contents evenly on fillets. Flip all fillets over so clean side is up. Sprinkle some salmon seasoning, salt & pepper, and whatever you want but lightly.

Finally take Kyle and Nicks Orange Tangerine BBQ sauce and liberally coat the exposed fillets by drizzling the sauce in back & forth ribbons. Add a sprinkle of some brown sugar . You are ready to cook. Do Not Cover. (Try other sauces like KyleandNicks Smokin Mango or Wild Blueberry Bog sauce as well ) (

Bake or grill 12-15 minutes or until all fillets have lightened to a pink color and have firmed up. A good indicator is most of the mixture has turned to sauce and is browning around the edges.

Pull from heat and for best results, let sit for @ 10 minutes but keep warm.

ENJOY, Nick Stratton & Meg Stratton West