Guys.... On this page you will need to create  "Lawyer Approved Content" that states what you do with any DATA created by a visitor when viewing your website or providing CONTACT INFO, (Email addresses) like say... When a visitor signs up for a Newsletter/Blog... Or, Comments on a Blog-post or, Fills out your any Support Forms fills and submits, Or, purchases a product.. What happens to their Billing and Credit or DebitCard information.  If you send sales and/or marketing messages to them, What should they expect and for how long. And what to do if something does happen.

This ensures, that you and your company and website or online property will are not and will not be held liable for any damage to someones computer or in short device while visiting your site (Properties).


There are Boilerplate type pages out there for this too. You will need to find one to fit your needs and edit it to encapsulate you guys,... your Site, your Sources, Distributors etc.... the hosting the whole nine yards. 

That's what This Page Represents