Fruit Based Sauces

All our sauces are fruit based and have been created with a wide variety of pairings in mind. They are great for any type of protein meal as well as a dipping sauce for a variety of other foods.

Healthy and Delicious


Lowcountry Approved

Our sauces were born and continue to be produced in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. They are South Carolina Department of Agriculture AND taste bud approved!



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Where the Magic Happens
  • Kyle Beasley started “dabbling”, playing, researching and developing his technique of creating Fruit Based BBQ dipping sauces over 12 years ago. He wanted to create a sauce that was better for you and to compliment his BBQ business in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

    From that early point on people would inquire about how they could get “some more sauce” whenever they had the opportunity to try it. Nick Stratton did the same thing at a BBQ event a few years ago. Nick knew that nobody had anything like this sauce and once you tasted it well …. It’s all over with.

    Kyle and Nick started to Bottle the sauce in the spring of 2016 for distribution to the local Lowcountry area and produced it in the CC Commercial Kitchen in Walterboro South Carolina. Their first offering of 5 flavors included: Blueberry, Mango, Orange-Tangerine, Apple Pie and Mustard. All of these items were under the original Beasley Sauces label.

    In early 2018, the partners began working on an expanded product launch in order to share the Lowcountry experience with more people. Improved Recipes included; Wild Blueberry Bog, Smokin Mango and Orange Tangerine and are now being produced in a production facility in Charleston South Carolina.

  • Our mission is to create delicious sauces that everyone can enjoy as well as stay health conscious.  Kyle’s mother suffered from a variety of health issues including diabetes which took from her the ability to enjoy the foods she previously loved.  Because of this Kyle was determined to create something she could enjoy, that tasted amazing, and that was actually good for her to eat.  From there, the sauces were  born and the continued drive to separate flavor from the notion that something that tastes good has to be bad for you.
  • The plan is to create as many of these amazing sauces as possible with our Mission in mind.  These sauces are meant to be at granny’s table as well as any high-end restaurant that wants to add real flavor and variety to their menu.
    The previous original flavors, Apple Pie and Mustard will be available online. In the coming year Seasonal flavors will be introduced as well including varieties with Peach, Red Raspberry and more that are meant to pair with your favorite foods …. The best is yet to come.
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